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Keep everything. Share anything.

No more email attachments. Put your stuff in Archive Box and get to it from your computers, mobiles, or tablets.

1. What is Archive Box?

Your Stuff -- Save it, Access it and Share it. Anytime In simple words, Archive Box is an online file backup tool that stores your important data and lets you access it from your computers, mobiles and laptops.

2. Save it Once, See it Everywhere

Finally get your stuff from your old computer, files from your laptop, and photos from your phone in one place, and enjoy them anywhere.

3. Safe, Secure, and Backed Up

Never lose your data again. Archive Box' world-class security and protection keeps your data backup—even if your phone, tablet, or computer is lost or damaged.

4. The storage that never ends

10 GB of storage for your photos, files and video storage? And if that's not enough for you, you can buy 2 TB storage plan for $500 per month.

5. Your Stuff, Easy to Find

A sleek list view makes it easy to find the files you're looking for, no matter how many you have. Besides, using powerful search feature makes finding files even easier. You can search files by their names, dates, types, labels and even tags.

6. Share your stuff with friends

Keep your data private, until you change your mind and decide to share with people. Create a link to your file/s and share with your friends via email. Allow them to download, view and edit.